Photo Gallery

Pergola with large florals done with several shades of lavender to purple with succulents. Pergola has cream crinkle and hanging willow garland behind. Wedding and reception at ISU Stephens Center.

Side view of room.

Cake backdrop with white satin and chiffon with LED lights behind.

White Drawn fabric backdrop with sandalwood ties and bling clips.

Iron Column Arch used for a backdrop at Rosewood Reception Center. Decorated with white chiffon draping and aqua and coral flowers. Chairs decorated with coral sash's.

Looking towards stairs showing tables for reception and large florals on tall white urns at base of stairs.

Pergola decorated with garden flowers and gold sparkle string background. Wooden stands hold large floral bouquets with burlap & lace accents.

Side view of the room showing the entry and gift area.

Cake backdrop to match with garden flowers tied with eggplant crinkle ties and cream lace behind.

Vintage Backdrop with eggplant and silver table linens with the beautiful ceiling and walls by Pilar with Sa-Sys Elegant Settings.

Black Iron Cake backdrop with Ceiling and walls by Pilar.

Fabric Backdrop with willow garland on top with LED twinkle lights behind.

Beautiful wedding with black iron and lighted columns. Full ceiling and wall treatment by Pilar at Sa-Sys Elegant Settings.

Gift area with monetary
gift basket, bistro set
and black pole light.

Cake area

Entry area

Rosewood Reception Center Garden Wedding. Log Arch with lace and floral sprays.

FMC Park Garden Wedding. Sunflowers and Burlap with Oak and Lace Backdrop.

Black Iron
with Coral and
Lime colors

Candyland Display
Overall view of the
room with the gift
area in the back.

Rosewood Reception Center wedding using Black and White with Damask accents and Blue hydrangea centerpieces.

Rosewood Reception center, set up for the rehearsal dinner in a "Fiesta" look.
Rosewood Reception Center with the chairs set up to watch the ceremony at the base of the stairs.

Tables placed upstairs for more seating at the reception.

Tables on the lawn for drinks and appetizers.
Tables on the porch.

Rosewood Reception Center wedding.
A forest theme in brown and moss green using the Iron Columns. Beautiful Wedding and Wonderful couple. Thanks Jim and Wanda!

Guest tables set up on the porch during the ceremony. The tables were moved after the wedding and the chairs placed around the tables.
More tables on the porch.
Appetizer tables set up on the lawn for the guests while the switch was being made between the ceremony and reception.
Iron Columns are set in the "bay window" for the ceremony.

Photo showing an overall view of the guest tables and food area.

Guest Book Area
Vintage Doors with lights and burlap wreath decoration behind cupcake area.
Wheel barrow filled with dirt and printed seed packets for the guests to take. What a cute idea and so fitting for the theme.
Printed seed packets for guest favors.
Vintage trifold doors with pergola backdrop on stage area with stick trees and white chairs. (customer supplied tree and chairs)
Another view of the food area.
Vintage jar collection with lace doily's make a cute centerpiece.
Another collection of Vintage Jars for centerpieces.
Meridell Park wedding with an outside ceremony showing log arch and vintage doors with log top. (the large glass vases with baby's breath to go on the wooden stands, the mason jars with baby's breath to go on the logs down the aisle and the burlap wreaths for the vintage doors were not out yet due to the wind)

Close up of the log arch and the wooden stands. (the large glass vases with baby's breath to go on the wooden stands and the mason jars with baby's breath to go on the logs down the aisle were not put out yet due to the wind)

Aisle sign on black iron easel.
Inside Meridell Park with the cake and cupcake area done in a vintage chic look with the chalk board door on the side.
Meridell Park ceremony set up outside in the side yard..
Appetizer and Drink tables set up outside for guests after the ceremony and before the reception dinner.
Meridell Park showing 15 guest tables set up with 3 head tables and 3 food/beverage tables and 1 cupcake table. The chairs are set up outside at the ceremony and will be brought in afterwards.

Smaller table with the cupcake stand accented with apothecary candy jars.
Square tables "family style tables" are available in 5'/ 6' or 8' squares seating 12 to 16 per table. Linens can cover the table to the floor or to chair seat height. Makes a great variation to mix in with round tables.

Outside ceremony at the Rosewood Reception Center.

Close up photo of the Garden Arbor and large flower bouquets on iron column stands.

Looking at side porch with tables and flowers tied on the stair posts.
Looking at front entry of Rosewood with flowers tied on the stair posts and the sign in table on the front porch.

Marble Columns Backdrop
Black/Red and Damask linens
with Black full chair covers.

Vintage Chic Pergola
with cream lace and
floral sprays.

Vintage doors with wood top section to create an entry to the aisle or at sign in table for entry to reception. Can also be used as a backdrop archway.

Vintage Chic look with
old door and floral spray.

Old Door with Burlap floral spray.
Vintage chic oak and lace backdrop.
Vintage Chic wedding at a church with shepherd hooks and burlap kissing balls. Also shows burlap and lace on the aisle chairs in between the shepherd hooks.
Shepard hooks and burlap kissing balls set up in an aisle with burlap & lace sash's, creating a vintage chic look using church chairs.
Pergola with burlap and lace behind with custom floral's.
Vintage doors backdrop, use one or more to create a vintage looking backdrop. Can be decorated or left plain.

Fall décor on Grecian columnade. (shop display)
Grecian Columns decorated with shades of pink. (shop display)
Drawn White fabric
tied with lime green
and a floral spray
makes a simple elegant
backdrop for the cake.

Black and White Drawn
Fabric with Damask Ties.

Garden wedding using
Full Chair Covers
with Fuschia Linens.

Outside Wedding
at the Booth Barn

Booth Barn

Drawn Fabric with
Lights Backdrop
tied with Raspberry

Drawn Fabric with
lights cake backdrop
tied with raspberry

White Iron Arch
decorated for an
outside wedding
using flowing olive
and eggplant organza
with white calla lilly's.

White Iron Arch
(close up)
Roman Column cake
backdrop with winter
decor and eggplant
accents. Elegant!
(shop display)

Outside Grecian
Backdrop at
FMC Park

Iron Column
Arch at Red
Lion Hotel

Garden Reception
fuschia, black
and white
makes a striking
outside wedding!

Iron Column Arch decorated for an outside wedding.
Outside wedding showing white chairs, tall iron centerpieces with bright florals on fuchsia linens.
Vintage suitcase make a special monetary trunk for a vintage chic wedding. Shown on our tall wooden stand decorated with burlap.
Several vintage doors create a backdrop for a vintage chic wedding.
2 Vintage doors make a cake backdrop for a vintage chic wedding.
Tri fold vintage doors with pergola in between with floral sprays. Can be decorated with florals or left plain. Fabric behind pergola can be lace, burlap or crinkle sheer to customize the look you want.

Vintage tri-fold doors can be used in several ways, used individually as an accent around the room or used together as a full backdrop.
Wood framed lace divider is used as an vintage accent or a small backdrop.

Marble Backdrop

Drawn fabric backdrop
(customer supplied photo)

Entry Way Decorations

(customer supplied photo)

Grecian Backdrop
with Ocean Blue
Accents (customer
supplied photo)

Food Serving Area
(customer supplied

Grecian Backdrops
with Black and
Ocean Colors and
Black Chairs.
Very Nice, (customer
supplied photo)

White drawn fabric
with soft pink
floral sprays and
ties. Tall white
urns holding
matching floral

White drawn fabric
cake backdrop
using soft pink
accents. Cake by
Sugar Bakers.

Cake by
Sugar Bakers

Marble Backdrop by
Country Creations